Starter Kit Whiteboard Paint - White

R 1,499.00

Imagine more space to create. Turn any surface in your home, office, conference center, or school into an opportunity to collaborate.

Vicinity Whiteboard Paint turns virtually any smooth surface into a functioning writing surface.
Whiteboard Paint is ideal for creating large format whiteboards at an affordable price. Whiteboard Paint is easy to apply for large projects and can handle curved surfaces and small spaces.

When to use this product:
Create large-format writing surfaces on a budget
Create writing boards that wrap around corners or on curved surfaces
When 1000s of square meters of writing surfaces are required for large projects
Create a backdrop wall for video conferencing that will allow people to see your content


Environmentally responsible
Excellent erasability
Superior product
Highly versatile
Compatible with most standard dry-erase markers
5-year limited Warranty
Covers 6 square meters per litre
Covers 3 square meters per 0.5 litre

Kit Includes :
1 x Cutting-In Roller
1 x Filling-In Roller
1 x Aerated Stir Stick
1 x Paint Tray
1 x Drop Sheet
1 x Sand Paper
1 x 1L Universal Undercoat
1 x 1L Base Tin & Activator Tin
2 x Marker Pens
1 x Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
1 x Water Spray Bottle
1 x Pen Tray

Required but not provided
1 x Pencil
1 x Masking Tape
1 x Tape Measure
1 x Cleaning cloth
1 x Protective Eyewear
1 x Protective Gloves

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- Pricing on Bulk Orders
- If you need an installer

Size :

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