Wooden Diffuser - Orange Blossom
Anke Wooden Top Diffuser - Orange Blossom Close your eyes and start a zesty journey in the citrus gardens. The unrestrained fragrance of petitgrain and the freshness of bergamot and orange, are seized by the elegant notes of muguet jasmine....
R 490.00
Wooden Diffuser - Wild Lemongrass
Anke Wooden Top Diffuser - Wild Lemongrass has an explosion of natural citrus notes and floral aromas. Amplifying the lime and lemon with sandalwood creates a long-lasting scent presence. This upbeat and exhilarating smell rests on the plush heart of...
R 490.00
Wooden Diffuser - Jasmyn
Anke Wooden Top Diffuser - Jasmyn Dazzling orange gives a warm welcome along with juicy grape in the very beginning. It then transforms into a fascinating and affluent floral scent of tuberose and ylang-ylang, leaving a charming fragrant trail of...
R 490.00
Wooden Diffuser - Sandalwood and Rose
Anke Wooden Top Diffuser - Sandalwood and Rose has a mix of plum and clove leaves that brings a calming start that leads to a floral heart. Red roses sets off the elegant scent while the light-hearted violet exhales a...
R 490.00
Wooden Diffuser - Secret Gardenia
Wooden Diffuser - Secret Gardenia lets you Indulge the spring that has sprung on the hills. Opening with a fresh blast of bergamot and clove, the scent spreads out like wildflowers. Then the vibrant hyacinth twists with a soft blend...
R 490.00
Diffuser Refill - Secret Gardenia
Use Wooden Top Diffuser Refills to refill your diffuser once all of the oil has been absorbed into the wood. Secret Gardenia Fragrance Diffuser Refill, Indulge the spring that has sprung on the hills. Opening with a fresh blast of...
R 350.00
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