Doodle Coffee Table
  Doodle Coffee Table A beautiful side table is more than just additional space, it should add the finer details. Let the Doodle inject the fun into function.-- Features: Dimensions:  ∅ 700 x H 460 mm 13 epoxy and 3...
R 0.00
Cosmos Coffee Table
  Cosmos Coffee Table The Cosmos’ minimalist steel structure and glass or laminate top — bestow a mix of elegance and compositional lightness.-- Features: Dimensions: L 1300 x W 750 x H 360 mm Glass/melamine top More than 65% locally...
R 0.00
Clio Coffee Table
Clio Coffee Table Clio is a charming coffee table design. Available in a selection of veneer finishes.-- Available Sizes: 600x600 1200x600 Available Finishes:- Cherry Veneer - Mahogany Veneer - Maple Veneer - Oak Veneer
R 0.00
Angelo Coffee Table
Angelo Coffee Table Angelo is a trendy, yet practical coffee table. Available in a selection of veneer and melamine finishes. -- Available Dimensions: 600x600 1200x600
R 0.00
Amber Coffee Table
Amber Coffee Table Amber is a traditional-style coffee table which would suit an executive workspace. Available in a variety of wood finishes.   Available Dimensions: - 600x600 - 1200x600
R 0.00
Alpha Coffee Table
  Alpha Coffee Table The Alpha coffee table range is reliable and classic. Available in a selection of veneer finishes.-- Features: Coffee Tables:   CT01 - Alpha Square 600 x 600 CT02 - Alpha Rectangular 1200 x 600 CT03 - Alpha Square with...
R 0.00
Aldo Coffee Table
Aldo Coffee Table is a modern table that is available in a variety of Melamine and Veneer Wood finishes.   -- Available Sizes: ALD01- Aldo Square 600 x 600 ALD02- Aldo Rectangular 1200 x 600 ALD03- Aldo Round 600 Diameter...
R 0.00
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